Talking about Photography


Yesterday I was in Mataró, in Spai Gatassa, to see Joaquin Durán´s Exhibition. Enjoying looking his work and talking with great artists like Óscar Sánchez, Lluis de Haro, Raúl Podadera and Jordi Egea Torrent. We talked about limits. Shit!, this is an old theme. Since the begining of photography. And always, when we met, the theme is around. I´ve heard that Eric Clapton is getting deaf. So, enjoy our time, perhaps tomorrow we get blind and must to stop taking pictures. We also talked about technics, travels, future propositions. But the topic of the limits is a boring one. With YOUR pictures you can do what you want but if you apply to a Contest that is forbiden upload captive animals pictures, don´t do that!! And after that to the Asociación Fotógrafos de Pineda meeting. Such a great day!!! Thanks everybody!!!