Action or front light?


The weather forecast for the day was cloudy and a Little rain in the end of the Trail SIGNUS MEAQUES VALCHICO ...So far, the sun begin to shine brightly and so it was the whole day. I´d chosen a couple of points of the trail to take pictures, one of them where the action of the runners would be a jump, and although the orography did not play much in my favor, i´d like the posible photos I should take.

And then, the sun rises and the clouds had gone and I am in completely backlight. But the action of the racers jumping the logs still seemed the best point of the race to take pictures. We always have to choose, sometimes we get it wrong, sometimes we get it right, and sometimes a ray of light rewards our decisions.

Collaborating with the organization of this race is an honor, a pleasure and I hope next year to lend a hand to see if we realize the ecological corridor Environment Meaques Valchico.