SMART Method

for Photographers

If you are a professional or amateur photographer, with or without experience, with equipment and study or you just take photos with your mobile phone ... I propose that you apply the SMART method to your photographic objectives.

What does it consist of? I´ll explain to you:

Set yourself a photographic goal from starting to use less automatisms to double your bill if photography is your job. No matter your level. The important thing is the other, the objective (and I'm not talking about lens).


  • S specific: your goal can not be to make MORE photos or have LOTS of incomes or to travel MORE or learn FAST or have MORE likes ... those are not specific. Specific is, for example, to improve my technique with landscapes by working the photos in layers, double the number of clients, take a photographic trip or learn how to do astrophotography. Concrete, it is fundamental.
  • M measurable: redundant in the subject, you can not have a diffuse goal, it must be measurable. You must be able to know how close or far you are from your goal. It should not be a number, it can be to acquire a skill (and here , friend, welcome to the world of never ending, the human being's capacity to learn is infinite).
  • A available : come on, that is not worth being Steve McCurry and cover of National Geographic if you just started with a DSLR or having 10,000 followers on Instagram if your profile has 100. No, you must be realistic and set goals that you can reach because if not, friend, you are screwed up and you will end up frustrated, very frustrated.
  • R realizable: that you can do, that time and your life allow it, that you be aware of your limitations and can fulfill it. Making photography my way of life can be an objective but if you have an official job it will be that you won´t leave it all, right? Or make a web if you do not know anything about Photoshop ... thousands examples, be realistic.
  • T time line: you must be disciplined, you must mark a deadline and now that we have just started the year is a good time to make new resolutions. You can consider the deadlines you want, you will notice that medium and long term resolutions are difficult to fulfill and that is the quiz, do not stop persevering and not procrastinating. If you set short-term goals that are very specific.

So it's your turn to take out pencil and paper (it's VERY good to write it since that information will reach your brain and be implanted in a much firmer way than just thinking about it). I'll give you some examples:

  1. Learn to use the camera in manual and not take more unfocused pictures in one month.
  2. Increase my wedding client portfolio by 20% this season.
  3. Make 2 photo trips to the destination you've always dreamed of this year.
  4. Use editing tools in a good way within 4 months.
  5. Make a selection of 10-100 or 1000 photos of your archive in a week.
  6. Start with macro technics and stacking during the next three months.
  7. Double the number of courses I am teaching next year.
  8. Learn photo retouching in six months.
  9. Sign up for 4 specific contests this year.
  10. 50 photos of milky way this season.
  11. Publish a daily photo in RRSS for 365 days.
  12. Have a study to make Product in six months.
  13. Promote your city branding with a timelapse of 3 minutes before summer.
  14. Find two more clients that allow me to live from the catalog photos in a year.
  15. Covert 100 events instead of the 10 that I am doing this year.
  16. Improve my technique with portrait and lighting in 4 months.
  17. Sign up for all the photographic rallies in my area this summer.
  18. Find another market opportunities to sell my photographic trips before spring.
  19. Receive three more courses per semester.
  20. Travel with the family and get more out of my photos this holiday.

You see, the world of possibilities is as wide as you want. It does not matter if you are a pro and you do very well. It does not matter if you just buying a DSLR and use everything in automatic. You can do macro, conceptual, fashion, weddings, events, portrait, birds, photojournalism, snapshot, street, nude, astrophotography, photo retouching, fine art, pets, light painting, night, travel, product, wildlife photography, apply this method and your photographic experience will be more pleasant, you will obtain better results and it will make you enjoy when you reach your goals.

One of mine is that you got here (a text without images!) And that you share in SSMM and leave me a comment. In these times is quite ambitious because we do not stop, we consume thousands of images per minute and do not read. So I want to make you reflect and that the paper you've written is on top of that computer in front of which you spend so many hours and serves you as a guide and reference of where you want to go, what you want to do and what you want to achieve. The how to you will have to look for that answer yourself but it will not be difficult because you already know the most important thing: WHAT.

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