The life through the lens

How many times do you try the same picture? How many times do you try the same specie? And the same composition?

I´ve heard this question a lot of time. The answer could be "the time the shutter is opened". This could be the more reasonable answer. But behind any scene you look at, behind any single picture there is a lot of time, ideas, energy, editing time etc etc.

Strange links


I´m not talking about internet. Like a wildlife photographer I´m talking about those links we made with the wildlife I photography. Today I´ve gonne to the rock I´m working now and the Black Redstart takes only five minutes to arrive before I was gonne. So, I´ve remembered a few years ago I was managing a bird feeder in the middle...

Cause a little thing failed. The trigger I use to shot the flashes, a Godox one has failed. Or it was me whom failed. The device has a settings, like all devices, and I forget to change the Fn01 that allows you that the device don´t go to sleep. So I must try again. Pherps tomorrow? Of course!!!!

Sometimes you have no chance. Sometimes it´s your fault. Always the background its important in photography. A lot of!!!!



It´s how I feel. I´m a little overhelmed cause I´ve find a lot of people in a few weeks that enjoy and love photography. And behind those photographers there are good people. I don´t understand living without sharing your knowlegde.

It was another time. And another century when we use the medium format. I´ve had the pleasure of taking pictures with a Bronica 6x6. Now we shot a lot of pictures, non-stopping, me the first one that do that. In the ancient times it was more handmade, you took your time to exposure, it was relaxating.

Amazing the exhibition I´ve seen today. When you find a photographer that has made of his job a vital project of life and serves to make this world a better place for human beings....a picture its better than words