The life through the lens

The weather forecast for the day was cloudy and a Little rain in the end of the Trail SIGNUS MEAQUES VALCHICO ...So far, the sun begin to shine brightly and so it was the whole day. I´d chosen a couple of points of the trail to take pictures, one of them where the action of the runners would...

Don't avoid the backlights, use them. A little touch of fill flash gives it volume. The third is a photo with front light without flash.



Life is what happens while we´re worried about something so uncertain like future is. We don´t stop to enjoy our present and this don´t let us be happy (if hapiness would be reachable anyway).

you can shot great pictures even to a sheep, or anything else whenever the light transmits. in this case are sheep, in a sunset in castilla, a long time ago. but it´s important to wake up early and take advantage of the warm and low angle of the sunlight. you´ll rest in the middle of the day.

Everything moves around you. Try to control the motion of anything: a car, a you can try to move still objects. Control the focus and try to move in the same direction than the object is moving. Try different set ups always with a long time exposure.

I´m talking about changing your habitual subject of photography. Trying to do different things you´re uesd to. Even you´re a pro, this keep your creativity rising and don´t get bored (it sometimes happens, we have all suffered it.

Last saturday I went out with APNAE to a trip ship around Roses Bay (Girona) to watch and photography seabirds. I was afraid duee the high possibility of seasickness working with a teleobjetive. Afterwards that was not the problem.

It doesn´t matter what you are shooting. The matter is the light. And how changing lights you can have a variety of shots of the same model in the same place at the same hour. The Blackstart and I have become friends and we´re enjoying this wintertime and I´ve had a lot of mornings to change things and shot different pictures....



Do your moods influence you when go out to shooting photos? I think so, and in what way! We have all gone through more or less difficult times where it was costly to go out to take pictures or edit them. We always have ups and owns in all facets of life. I have proposed that, although I do not...



Whrn you have in the archive a lot of shots of the same moment, it´s a good idea to stack them. So you can have a stairtrails and the milkyway in the same picture. This time didn´t me who shot the camera, they were the deers, so I´ve had a little lapse of time, it´s not a fine end work. That´s what happens when you work with wildlife...